teclan professional remote access service:

RescuePlease complete the form below and then click the button to launch the remote access request screen.
This screen will inform our technicians that you are requesting a remote access session.

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(this will prompt you to install a small applet program onto your local PC. Please follow the steps below to install)
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NOTE: *Unless otherwise stated, there is a minimum £125 charge for using this service, with a further rate charge every 30 mins thereafter. Submitting this form confirms you accept this charge.

LogMeIn Session Installation Instructions and Terms and Conditions Installing the Remote session application:
Microsoft XP:
When prompted, save/download the file to a location where you can then "double click" the file.
Microsoft Vista/Windows 7:
When prompted, save/download the file to a location where you can access this file. Right-click on this file and choose "Run as Administrator".
This will launch the Remote Access support session software on your machine.
Your computers firewall may alert that this program is trying to use the internet connection - if this is the case then please ALLOW access.
Your remote session will begin as soon as one of our technical team accept the connection request.

Terms and Conditions - the small print!
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you (the client) are granting teclan Ltd technicians access to your local computer and are hereby accepting accountability and responsibility for any and all actions undertaken on your behalf by our technicians. These remote sessions are controlled by you, the client, and as such you have full power and control to end these sessions at any point.
You agree to the minimum charge as defined above, and confirm that any additional time past the agreed alloted slot will be chargeable at the minimum rate for every inclusive 30 minute period past the intial agreed period.
teclan's technicians will undertake to carry out only the work requested and specified and will not be able to assist with any alternate issues over and above the agreed work whilst within the remote session. This includes (not exclusively) queries relating to software installed on the clients machine, queries regarding hardware located on the clients machine, queries relating to the clients internet connection and internet provider or queries pertaining to any separate body of work. Any assistance to issues of this nature are provided at an additional cost and at the descrepancy of the technician at that point in time.
Whilst teclan's technicians endevour to resolve issues in a timely and professional manner teclan cannot always guarantee resolutions to issues nor can it be held responsible for any issues or problems arising either directly or indirectly from the work that is carried out. Any support for subseqent related or unrelated items can be addressed however there may be an additional cost to this subsequent resolution.